Raindrops and Minarets

Looking for Sinan

Riding the Steambath Express

Ephesian Hordes

Land of the Fairy Chimneys

Ilhara Valley Tour

Easy Riders

Goreme to Kahta
The Road to Nemrut Dagi

nemrut dagi
Megalomaniacs and Prophets, Part 1

Urfa and Harran
Megalomaniacs and Prophets, Part 2

The Edessa File

Lake Van
Deep in the Heart of Kurdistan

Kars and Ani
Armenian Ghosts

Confrontation at the foot
of Mt. Ararat

WELCOME to Anatolian Fortnight, an online diary documenting my travels through Turkey during August and September of 1999. After Susanne Cornwall and I departed from our base in Istanbul, we traveled the length of the Anatolian plateau over the course of two weeks, from the Greco-Roman ruins of Ephesus on the Aegean Coast, to the lands of Kurdistan and ancient Armenia in the east, near the legendary summit of Mt. Ararat. In between, we also managed to explore the glorious geological formations of Cappadokia, the mysterious mountaintop ruins of Nemrut Dagi, and the biblical crossroads of Urfa and Harran.

The website is divided into daily journals for each of the places we visited. You can read each journal entry by either selecting from the list on the left side of the screen, or you can click on any of the map locations that are marked by a red diamond.

Anatolian Fortnight also has a built-in dictionary to help you learn about the Turkish words I use in my journals. As you read through the website you'll occasionally see certain words followed by a little red star like this: That means there's a dictionary entry for that particular word or phrase. Click on the red star and a definition will pop up.

About the author: Andy Carvin is director of the Digital Divide Network. He is the developer of the award-winning website Edweb: Exploring Technology and School Reform and the founder/moderator of WWWEDU, the Internet's largest email discussion on the role of the web in education. Since 1995 he's designed online travelogues and photo galleries based on his journeys around the world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Turkey. An avid blogger, he has produced podcasts and video blogs all over the world. You can contact him at acarvin (at) edc {dot} org.

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