Before You Go
Travel Planning

Facts at a Glance
Myanmar (Burma)


Getting There
The Transpacific Commute

One Day in Bangkok
Bang Pa-In Palace
And the Ruins of Ayutthaya

Phnom Penh
A Day in the Killing Fields

Arrival at Angkor
Apsara Sunset
Angkor Wat Sunrise
Closure in Cambodia

Siem Reap to
Nong Khai

A Travel Day

Visiting Vientiane

Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang Pilgrimage
Bicycle Race
The Pak Ou Caves

Luang Prabang
to Chiang Rai

Riding the Mekong Express

Mae Sai
Daytrip to Burma

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Bound
Three Wats and a Massage
Hilltribe Trek

Chiang Mai
to Bangkok

Doi Suthep and the
Hmong "Poppy Field";
Bangkok Transit Stop

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Reunion
Sheung Wan Walking Tour;
Reaching the Peak

Southeast Asia Diary:
Tales of Cambodia, Laos
and Thailand

This website is a travelogue, photogallery and RealAudio archive of my November 1997 trip to Southeast Asia with my perennial travel partner, Susanne Cornwall. Through this website you can enjoy my entire travel journal, which is listed city by city on the left side of the screen. And when you're done with the diary, be sure to visit our other Southeast Asia websites listed below.

One last note: The Southeast Asia Diary has a pop-up dictionary built into it. As you read the diary you'll occasionally see certain words followed by a little red star: That means there's a dictionary entry for that word. Click on the red star and a definition will pop up.

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About the author: Andy Carvin is director of the Digital Divide Network. He is the developer of the award-winning website Edweb: Exploring Technology and School Reform and the founder/moderator of WWWEDU, the Internet's largest email discussion on the role of the web in education. Since 1995 he's designed online travelogues and photo galleries based on his journeys around the world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Turkey. An avid blogger, he has produced podcasts and video blogs all over the world. You can contact him at acarvin (at) edc {dot} org.

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