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Facts at a Glance
Myanmar (Burma)


Tuk-Tuks, Temples
and Thai Boxing

Ayutthaya -
the Ancient Capital

Phnom Penh and
The Killing Fields

Faces of the Jungle
Angkor Wat and
the Khmer Dancers

Temples Amid the Vines
Sunset on the City

Nong Khai
Joe's Lament

The Gateway to Laos

Luang Prabang
Kingdom of a Million Elephants
Bicycle Tour
The Pak Ou Caves

The Mekong
A Journey up the Mekong

The Golden Triangle
Opium Scales and
Tiger Skins

Chiang Mai
Wats, Wats
and a Backrub

Hilltribes, Inc.
Temple on the Hill

Southeast Asia Journal:
My Journey to Cambodia,
Laos and Thailand

By Susanne Carvin

In November of 1997, I explored Southeast Asia with my longtime travel buddy (and now husband), Andy Carvin. This website is the story of that journey, as well as a collection of photographs and RealAudio files of the world we encountered. The journal is divided into our various destinations and is mapped out on the left side of your screen. When you've finished reading these journal entries, please check out the following websites as well:

Andy's Southeast Asia Diary. Andy's perspective of our trip.

The Children of Southeast Asia. A special photo exhibit of the dozens of kids we met in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

About me: I'm a researcher at National Geographic Television, currently based in Boston. Travel is my passion, and in order to learn more about the human experience, I have extensively explored the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Nepal and the Middle East. You can contact me at susannecarvin [at] yahoo . com..

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