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The Role of the Web in Education

Over the last couple of years, there's been a lot of talk about how networking tools such as the World Wide Web will revolutionize education. How much of it is true? How much of it is hype? In this section, you can explore the history of Web development and the potential role the Web can play in the classroom.

The Interactive HTML Crash Course

Now that you've spent a while surfing the World-Wide Web, isn't it time you learn how to create your own web pages? This tutorial will take you through all the design basics you need to know to make a home page.  Aussi disponible en français!

The Information Highway Debate

Take a ride on the most controversial and misunderstood road around. In this section, you can learn about the history of networking, as well as the competing commercial and non-commercial visions of the system that are now being considered.

Education Reforms for the 21st Century

Though the desire to redesign and clean up schools is nothing new, a variety of radical reforms have swept the world of education in the last ten years alone. Here are some of the most interesting examples.

Computers and Kids: Life on the Front Lines

What are schools doing with computers today? How successful are they? What sorts of advances in computer-based education should we expect in the years to come? This chapter tells the tales of recent successes in the quest for learning with technology.

The Educational Resource Guide

Wonder what websites and online resources were educational essentials back when the Web was young? Come on inside!

The WWWEDU Home Page

WWWEDU (pronounced 'We Do') is the Internet's longest running discussion group dedicated to the role of the Web in education. Learn more about the group, learn how to subscribe and take a look at the discussion archive.

Andy's Other Websites

Andy Homepage. My personal homepage, online since 1994.

Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth: The Blog Edition. Read Andy's popular Web journal.

WSIS 2003 Photo Gallery. Images from the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva.

Oman and Dubai Gallery. Andy travels to Arabia for the World Summit Awards.

Susanne and Andy's Wedding. Images and artifacts from our May 2003 wedding!

Bali Honeymoon. Our photo gallery of our honeymoon in Indonesia.

Havana Gallery. A photo journal of my July 2001 trip to Havana, Cuba.

Southern Balkans Gallery. Take a tour of Athens, northern Greece, Albania and a side-trip to Istanbul.

Anatolian Fortnight. Join Andy as he travels across Turkey from Istanbul to Mount Ararat.

High Plains Backpacker. A virtual journey through the Andean highlands of Peru and Bolivia.

From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories of the Cambodian Holocaust. An in-depth look at the Cambodian genocide and the people who survived it.

Southeast Asia Diary. My 1997 adventure through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

The Children of Southeast Asia. A photo gallery of some great kids we met during our '97 Southeast Asia trip.

Andy's Subcontinental Adventure. Learn about my 1996 trip to India and Nepal.

Andy's Mideast Journal. An image-laden travelogue of my 1995 trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

Andy's Speeches and Presentations

Beyond Access: Understanding the Digital Divide.
Presented at the NYU Third Act Conference, New York City, May 2000.

Come Together, Right Now: Forging Education Communities on the Internet.
Presented at Synergy '99, Augusta, Georgia, July 1999.

The Supreme Court is in Session: Ask the Experts '99.
Presented at NECC '99, Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 1999.

Digital Television: A New Tool For Education.
Presented at Tel-Ed '98, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 1998.

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