Question & Answer Services

Question & Answer Services

SOME NETWORK PROVIDERS offer free answering services to both educators and students. When a user presents the service with a question, it is forwarded to a member "expert" in that subject area. Answers are often provided within a 48-hour period.

AskERIC. Created by the Education Resource Information Center (ERIC), funded by the Education Department. Offers source materials and suggestions for the research needs of educators and students. No membership is required. About 300 questions are asked per week. Contact:

Ask Dr. Math. Maintained by Swarthmore University's Geometry Forum, Ask Dr. Math allows students of all ages to email in their questions about math and specific math problems. Send questions to or use their automatic WWW form. For more information, contact Annie Fetter.

InterNIC. Information provider for Internet users, specifically geared toward research and education. Funded by the National Science Foundation. No membership is required. For more information contact

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