Grandpa's Latkes

Latkes, or potato pancakes, were my favorite food as a kid. They also happen to be the first food I learned how to cook, courtesy of the family chefmeister himself, my grandfather.

Latke Ingredients:

Twelve medium Idaho potatoes
two eggs or egg substitute
one large onion
matzah meal
salt and pepper

Begin by peeling the potatoes if you desire. Personally, I don't bother, but if you want to, it won't hurt. Then, grate the potatoes with a medium-size grater into a plastic bowl. You'll notice a lot of liquid in the process - that's starch, and you'll want to get rid of it. After grating three or four potatoes, strain out the starch through a fine collander or similar strainer, discarding the starch. Put the drained potatoes in a large plastic bowl. Continue to grate and strain the potatoes until they're all done.

In your large bowl of potatoes, add two eggs, breaking the yolk with a fork. Grate the large onion into the bowl. Add one tablespoon each of salt and pepper to the mix. Blend with a large spoon or spatula (don't bother to use a machine to do it - it's too thick and it'll taste goyish if you try). You'll notice the mixture will be somewhat soupy - add about half a cup of matzah meal and blend. Continue to add meal by the teaspoon until mixture is thick, though not necessarily dry.

Coat a large skillet with a small amount of oil and bring to medium/high heat. Test your batter by frying up a tablespoon's worth until a golden brown on both sides. If you like the taste, continue to make the rest of your latkes, using about a tablespoon per latke. If you don't like the taste, adjust batter with salt and pepper. If you still don't like it, go find another recipe, you little complainer, you....

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