NII Final Thoughts

Staying on the Right Track:
Are We There Yet?

THOUGH NO ONE REALLY KNOWS how the NII debate will be resolved, one thing is absolutely clear: it will not be an either/or decision. In the end, the NII will be what is what touted to be, a network of networks with diverse goals and offerings. Some parts of the network will be dedicated to numerous commercial on-demand services, such as at-home entertainment and shopping. Other areas will focus on research and education, not unlike the role the Internet serves today. And some portion of the NII - though how much of it has yet to be determined - will certainly cater to the basic civic need for the dissemination and expansion of public information, non-commercial institutions, and culture. Convergence of these visions is inevitable, and few will deny that, for without convergence the NII would probably not be universally successful or even desirable. If we are to reach that point and conclude how to develop this information highway, debate must continue, for debate is the only way to reach consensus. Hopefully, the questions raised within this hyperchapter will help the reader become an informed participant of this important debate.

Show me some telecommunications resources.
Show me some civic networking resources.

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