Crash Course - Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together

Congratulations! You've completed the HTML Crash Course. There are still lots of other things to learn when it comes to HTML, but for now, you've got enough information to put together some great web work. In fact, all of this tutorial and most of EdWeb are constructed using these HTML commands only.

To review, let's take HTML tags from each of the lessons and look at a fairly complex HTML document:

<TITLE>A Longer Example</TITLE>
<CENTER><H1>A Longer Example</H1></CENTER>
This is a simple HTML document. This is the first paragraph. <P>
This is the second paragraph, which shows special effects. This is a word in <I>italics</I>. This is a word in <B>bold</B>.<P>

Here is a picture of Barney: <IMG SRC = "barney3.gif">
This is the third paragraph, which demonstrates links. Here is a hypertext link to <A HREF = "andy.html">Andy's Home Page</A>.

<P> <H2>A second-level header</H2>
Here is a section of silly text from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that should display as a fixed-width font: <P>
In Springtime, the only pretty ringtime<br>
Birds sing a ding<br>
A ding a sweet lover's love;<br>
The spring ...<br>

This is an unordered list with four items: <P>
<LI> John
<LI> Paul
<LI> George
<LI> Ringo

This is the end of my example document. <P>
<ADDRESS>Andy Carvin (</ADDRESS>



Were you able to follow the HTML? If you'd like to see how well you did, take a look a what this code really looks like.

Interactive Quiz

Actually, since you've been such a dilligent student, I'm not going to give you a specific quiz for your final test. Instead, go to the interactive HTML doodler and experiment with your own html codes. Have fun!

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