Andy's Yummy Highlands Charoset

Charoset is a crunchy, somewhat alcoholic, apple mush, served with matzah and horseradish on Passover. I've added a new ingredient to the mix: Drambuie. Drambuie is a Scottish liqueur of whiskey, honey, and lots of unknown spices. I first made this recipe while at the University of Edinburgh, and the several Scottish Jews who tried it gave it a big thumbs up.

Traditionally, Charoset is supposed to represent the mortar that was used by the Jews in Egypt to make the bricks for pharoah. Fortunately for us, charoset is much tastier than brick, though I wouldn't recommend it for drywalling...

Highlands Charoset Ingredients:

Five medium red apples
One medium yellow apple
3/4 cup walnuts or pecan pieces
kosher red wine

Begin by chopping or grating the apples in a large bowl. Some folks prefer to peel the apples, but I like them unpeeled (adds color to the final product). Incorporate the chopped nuts and half a cup of the red wine. Then mix in a teaspoon of cinnamon and a couple of teaspoons of sugar, to taste. Feel free to add more red wine. For that added bonus, toss in a shot of Drambuie. Then, add more red wine. You get the picture.

You can leave out the Drambuie, but then it's no longer Highlands Charoset...

Best when refrigerated and served the next day.

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