Grandpa's Matzah Brei

Maztah Brei is essentially french toast made with matzah. My grandfather had two recipes, one for a drier, flakier brei, the other a more hardy, omelette-like brei. Both are wonderful for any meal.

Matzah Brie Ingredients:

Two squares plain matzah
two eggs or egg substitute
cooking spray
Maple syrup (or whatever else you as a condiment)
salt and pepper

If you prefer to make the heavier, omelette-like matzah brie, begin by taking the matzah and soaking them in a bowl of warm water for two minutes, then drain. If you prefer the flakier matzah brie, skip the soaking process.

Crush the matzah into small pieces. Whip up the eggs in a small bowl, then incorporate them with the matzah. Add a dash of salt and pepper.

Coat a large pan with cooking spray and then bring it to medium heat. Add matzah mixture to pan. If you've soaked your matzah, allow it to cook as a large omelette and turn when it begins to brown, cooking it as desired. If you've used dry matzah, stir fry the mixture as you would with scrambled eggs, and serve when brown.

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