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Adolescence Directory On-Line

The University of Indiana's Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL) is an electronic guide to information regarding adolescent issues and secondary education. Contains information related to teen physical and mental health issues, as well as lesson plans and resources for teachers and students

Armadillo: The Texas Studies Gopher
gopher://riceinfo.rice.edu:1170/11 and http://riceinfo.rice.edu/armadillo

An information server dedicated to middle school education. Specializes in the natural and cultural history of Texas. Includes lesson materials, research information, class projects and teacher discussions.

Association for Educational Communications and Technology

The AECT, a professional society for educators and researchers interested in informational technology, maintains this site. Though much of it is dedicated to the inner workings of the AECT, it also offers a solid collection of upcoming conference and call-for-papers information, as well as employment resources and general IT information.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

The name says it all. Need a good quote? Who needs that really heavy book when you have on-line search engines.

The BBN National School Testbed

Offers information on BBN's National School Network Testbed. Includes Testbed projects, plans and general educational networking information.

Canada's SchoolNet

The SchoolNet site is the home of Canada's initiative to wire all schools to the Internet. Available in both French and English, SchoolNet includes a variety of resources related to learning, networking, and school development. An excellent example of national on-line initiative site.


CICNet, run by the Big 10's Committee on Institution Cooperation, acts as a backbone server for Midwest education. Includes Midwest servers and educational information, resource guides and numerous educational e-texts, conferences and serials.

The C-Span Gopher

The C-Span gopher offers a variety of educational resources. Includes network information and press releases, government resources and a vast collection of historic speeches.

COSN - The Consortium for School Networking
gopher://digital.cosn.org and http://digital.cosn.org

COSN, a collective of leaders in educational networking, offers a gopher which focuses on COSN's network reform efforts, as well as general K-12 information. Includes educational policy and legislation, state and local projects, educational resources and conference information.

The Children's Page

This web site, maintained by the Astronomical Observatory of Padova, Italy, contains a home page specifically geared for parents and kids to explore together. Includes exhibits on dinosaurs, Italian history, astronomy and soccer. Don't forget to click onto the English version.

Claremont High School Web

One of the best high school web sites on the Net, this server offers a variety of teaching resource, as well as connectivity to other school sites and detailed information on the Internet itself.

Cyberspace Middle School

This resource is designed for middle school teachers and students. Includes a library of research resources for students, as well as information on science projects and sites for teachers.

Dewey Web

The University of Michigan School of Education's interactive exploration and adventure education home page. Contains information for educators on how to get involved in on-line exploration and The Journey North, an arctic adventure project.

Educational Technology

Maintained by the University of Geneva, this list is a "virtual library" for educational resources. Maintains a large collection of educational web sites, journals, classroom materials and software.

gopher://ivory.educom.edu and http://ivory.educom.edu

This gopher is a resource for those interested in Educom, which has been involved with higher educational technology management for over 25 years. Includes e-text of Edupage and Educom Review, as well reform and conference updates and information on the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative.


The Enterprise Integration Network's web page offers one of the most comprehensive collections of educational resources under its Social Science collection. Contains journals, listservs, Internet sites and dozens of other educational resources.

gopher://nceet.snre.umich.edu and http://www.nceet.snre.umich.edu

Home of the National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training, EE-Link provide a variety of materials relating to K-12 environmental education. Includes contact information, school projects, environmental literature and connectivity to other educational and environmental sites.

The Electronic School

Electronic School Magazine recently developed this web site, which contains articles from their paper journal. Though only one issue has been put on-line so far, it's interesting look into the worlds of WWW use, technology and arts education, collaborative projects, and more.

The Exploratorium ExploraNet

San Francisco's Exploratorium maintains this virtual museum, which includes numerous audiovisual exhibits, museum journals and numerous educational resources.

FishNet/ Edge Magazine

FishNet is a strange, but fun place to explore, especially for high school students. It is the Home of Edge, the electronic version of the journal Young Scholar, written entirely by students. Also includes interactive areas where students can debate issues or submit essays on a wide range of subjects, as well as information on applying to colleges.

From Now On

Published by Jamie MacKenzie since 1991, From Now On is an electronic journal which focuses on a variety of educational technology issues. Includes an excellent array of resources for administrators and teachers interested in learning more about implementing technology policies into the classroom.

Global SchoolNet Foundation

GSN, a leader in technology-assisted education, has constructing an enormous web site to compliment its numerous classoom projects. Includes the home pages of Global SchoolHouse, International CyberFair 96, ThinkQuest and Where in the Globe is Roger?.

The GNN Education Center

Global Network Navigator recently premiered this site, an on-line magazined dedicated to Internet educational resources. Contains features on current issues and events in educational technology, as well as information on grants, collaborative events, curriculum guides, and a classified section for Internet-wide class projects.

The Hotlist

Internet education guru Gleason Sackman maintains this directory of all know network sites maintained by schools, school districts and departments of education. All sites are listed according to state.

The Hub
gopher://hub.terc.edu and http://hub.terc.edu

Maintained by the Technology and Education Research Center (TERC) and The Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science Education Reform, The Hub is an excellent resource for classroom projects and writings on curricular reform. Also includes research information, organizational and management tools, and general teacher assistance offerings.

The Institute for the Learning Sciences

The ILS web site at Northwestern University contains Engines for Education, Roger Schank and Chip Cleary's innovative multimedia book on education reform and technology. Also home of the Collaborative Visualization Project (CoVis) Web page.

The Jason Project

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is the home of the 1996 Jason Project. Contains information on how to get involved in the Project, as well as research notes and discussion groups.


Contains a variety of information concerning KIDLINK's KIDS-95 project, as well as past KIDS programs. Also includes project information for teachers and students.

Kids' Internet Delight

Designed specifically for children, KID provides young people with a large collection of interesting and educational web sites.

Kids on the Web

Brendan Kehoe, author of Zen and the Art of the Internet, maintains this page. It's chock-full of sites for and about kids.

Kids' Space

Yes, as the name would suggest, this site is a place where kids develop resources and projects for other kids. Especially recommended for those with high-speed web access - in Netscape, it's a beautifully organized site (check out that cool clickable map on the home page - I wish I were that good of an artist). Contains a great collection of stories, artwork, music, online help, and a whole slew of other neat things for kids.


Part of the Living Textbook Project at Syracuse, KidsWeb is an enormous library of educational web sites for kids. Information is catalogued according to academic subject.

Math Forum

Math Forum (formerly Geometry Forum) is Swarthmore University's online mathematics community center. Includes absolutely ever you wanted to know about geometry but were afraid to ask, as well as Ask Doctor Math (send in your math questions for help), class projects, and much more.

MayaQuest '96

In March and April, Dan Beuttner and his team of explorers will once again trek across Central America with bicycles to help unlock the mystery of the disappearance of Mayan civilization. Through the Internet, thousands of students will join them. Visit the web site and learn how to participate.

MidLink Magazine

MidLink Magazine is an online publications written and designed entirely by middle school students from around the world. Contents are updated each month, and any middle school class is welcome to participate. One of the best examples of student publishi on the Web.

NCSA Education Program

This site is the home base of the University of Illinois' teacher networking program. Contains networking and education information for administrators and educators, as well as K-12 subject resources and information on the SuperQuest summer program for teachers.

The Ralph Bunche School

The Ralph Bunche gopher is of interest for it is one of the first educational servers managed and edited entirely by elementary school students. Contains writings and projects developed by Ralph Bunche students, as well as class project resources and information on the BBN testbed.

The Research for Better Schools Server
gopher://gopher.rbs.org and http://www.rbs.org

The RBS site is the information server for the regional educational laboratory of the Mid-Atlantic. Includes RBS resource materials and publications, as well as connectivity to other educational laboratories, Philadelphia-area gophers and other educational servers.

The Teacher Education Internet Server
http://curry.edschool.virginia.edu and gopher://curry.edschool.virginia.edu

This site for educators and administrators focuses on new efforts in school reform, education policy and leadership, teacher education and educational networking. Offers connectivity to the Teacher Education Internet Server. Includes class subject modules and networking information, as well as e-texts of the Ed-Tech Review, the STTE Annual, and the Interface Newsletter.

The Television News Archive
gopher://tvnews.Vanderbilt.Edu and http://tvnews.Vanderbilt.Edu

Vanderbilt University offers this archive which specializes in tracking and retrieving news clips and transcripts. Includes program abstracts, video purchasing and loan information, and specialized subject archives.

Unmixed Messages:
Strategies for Equitable Science Education

For years now, it's been readily apparent that in many classrooms, a gender gap exists when it comes to science education. Unmixed Messages, sponsored by Canada's Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Science Education, attempts to bridge that gap by offering information on what can be done to increase the involvement of girls in the science classroom. Contains guidance materials, as well as detailed lesson plans of science projects and experiments.


Stephen Collins of the University of Minnesota publishes this incredible resource for educational web publishers and publishers-to-be. Includes information on how to start up a web site, webmaster tidbits, and the most comprehensive registry of K-12 schools on the Web.

Webster's Dictionary

Though not an official Webster's WWW site, if you have a word you want to look up, it'll do it for you.

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