Rang's Picture

Rang, Our Angkor Driver

This is a picture of Rang (pronounced Rahhng, with a heavy roll of the 'R' sound), who was our driver and unofficial guide during our two days at Angkor. He's extremely friendly and patient, knows all of the best times and places to visit the ruins, and his English isn't too bad either. If you're looking for a reliable person to take you around Angkor, I'd personally recommend Rang. You can reach him at the address and phone numbers below.

Tan Sok Rang

Tel: (855) 12 630 175
Fax: (855) 63 380 025
Fax: (855) 63 963 476

House # 0575, 22 Group
Banteay Chas Village
Slorgrame Commune
Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

You can also email him via a friend's email account. Just be sure to mention his name so it goes to him. And please tell him that Andy and Susanne from America say hello.