Old Delhi

The Gateway of the
Jama Masjid

Lounging at the
Jama Masjid

Lahore Gate,
The Red Fort

Andy and the Red
Fort's Diwan-i-Am

Diwali celebrations,
Chowdni Chowk

Qutub Minar, Delhi's
great stone tower

Indian Tourists at
Qutub Minar

Susanne and the
tomb of Humayun

Humayun's guardian

Humayun's Library

The Taj Mahal

The Mosque of
Shah Jehan

Water buffalo caravan

The Agra Fort

Ascending the
entrance of Agra Fort

Jehangir's Palace,
Agra Fort

A view of the Taj from
Shah Jehan's prison

Fatehpur Sikri and
Jodi Bai's Palace

The Panch Mahal,
Fatehpur Sikri

Desaswamedh Ghat

The Cremation Ghat

A Cruise
on the Ganges

Pilgrims preparing
for a ritual bath

a cow in Varanasi

A woman contemplates
the Ganges

A Varanasi flower girl

A Snake charmer
and his fanclub

The eyes of Buddha
at Swayumbunath

A Buddhist
novice drummerboy

Spinning the prayer
wheels of Swayumbunath

Susanne and the
Monkey Temple

A Buddhist monk overlooking
the Kathmandu Valley

Lost in the Alleyways
of Kathmandu

Little boy in Durbar Square

A meditating Sadhu in Patan

Children playing in the streets of Bhaktapur

Child at a marionette shop, Bhaktapur

Spice Vendor,

Bhaktapur Swingers

A Traditional stick
dance in Bhaktapur

Funeral at
Pashupatinath Ghat

Mother and child selling
flowers at Pashupatinath

A Pashupatinath Sadhu

The great Tibetan
stupa at Bodnath

Our so-called Christmas
card picture at Bodnath

The Tibetan
monks of Bodnath

Morning activities at
Asan Tole, Kathmandu

A Child on the streets
of Kathmandu

Taking a shower,
Kathmandu style

Calcutta street scene:
The City of Joy

A Sadhu at Calcutta's
Temple of Kali

The Great Bas Relief
of Arjuna's Penance

Trying to stay dry during
the Monsoon in Tamil Nadu

The inner sanctum of
the Mamallapuram Shore Temple

The European charm
of Amsterdam